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Monday, November 16, 2009

nik natalia

omigod!! school is finally over...:D:D:D:D:D
huh! yeah rite.. tomorrow i have to come to school for sidang redaksi...
really annoys me when other people g tgk wayang (zakwan and sape ntah), aku dok depan komputer.. uh!!
so anyways, (ejek nik)
lets talk about today...
well, i did something bad to nik and im happy!! hahahah
sorry for not helping you when jason and that moon guy (i donno his name..hihi) lock you up in dat tiny room!! hahah serve you right... itulahh carik pasal ngan mamat xbetol tuh lagi.. kan dah.. hahha
e actually, xd mood r nk tulis blog.. nantilah edit.. nk makan!!! hehheh

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  1. You.... kAY SAJE JE KAN, PUTTING MY NAME.. OH, YOU love TO TORTURE ME, EH.. NONA?? XD!!! hehe.. no hard feelings... i take iot back.. XD!!