buah manggga

Sunday, March 21, 2010

haluu makcik..

setiap org hipokrit..
dan aku pown hipokrit jugak!!! biaselaa en...
i hate you makcik!!!! i dont know why!!!!!
since skola rendah!!!! why!!!!!!
everything i like in this word, you also like!!! what the heck!!!!!
n...i like what you like also!!!!
im not like you..
not a girl like you!!!
and you are also not a girl like me!!!!
hurrrggghh!! lege sket!! heheh
neways, why r, kalo kte xske org tuh.... kte msti nk update pasal die???? spatotnyeee kalo kte xske, kte kne wat xendah kan???

u know.. i dont believe we need this..
but actually, we need this!!!

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